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finished table

I love yellow. One of my students asked if I was into YOLO and I was like I love yellow. Fail. LOL. They thought it was hilarious however.

This table has been in my family since I was a kid. My dad built it in the 70’s when he lived in a bachelor pad. I love it! When I got married he stained it black per my request and let me take it to my new home. After a few years with rough and tumble kids the table was sticky, had a photo glued to it via spilled apple juice leftovers and was put in the garage.

Exhibit A:

table one

In the essence of DIY on a Dime I decided to paint it. It was sprayed with leftover Grey primer and I painted it with Rustoleum Summer Squash!

The total to redo the table was about $10.00 when you take into account both cans of spray and the goo gone I nearly poured over the table to get off the picture practically glued on by spilled soda.

I think it looks great. It will probably last about 2.5 seconds in this pristine condition as my newly two year old daughter has become a crayon aficionado!


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