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What do you cook when its 106 degrees and you have a cold? Soup! Yeah, a little weird but it seems to be helping this weirdo allergy/sinus gunk my husband and I are fighting.

I am trying to eat down my pantry still and I am doing pretty well! Truth be told I am dreaming of fall and crock pot soups and muffins. I pinned a great collection of crock pot cooking on my Pinterest board Slow Cooker Specials..

This week’s menu plan/strategy:

  • Quiche with Bacon, Cheese and Broccoli..
  • Crock pot Chicken Fajitas
  • Pancakes and Frozen Peaches with Watermelon
  • Salsa Chicken over Rice

Other than that I am thinking of a treat I can bring the sweet guy who lives across the street who is having problems with girlfriend drama.(I know too much..LOL) I can tell he needs some love so I figured I would pack him up some dinner and maybe some brownies one night.

Summer is flying by! Enjoy the week!