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I noticed a theme about this blog. My kids get a lot of parties. I want a party LOL.

Also, my son never seems to pick party themes that something easy, the kind that decorations abound for at every store.

This year it appeared it was going to be a laboratory party. Then it switched to a spy party. Then a Club Penguin party and then back to a spy party.

Spy party ideas are not easy to come by at the party stores around here but Pinterest had a ton of great ideas.

I pinned a lot of ideas including the following:

Agent Badges from RedFly Creations!

When the “agents” arrived they had to sign their name, age, and secret agent name on their badge. We had Secret Agent AS, F, F2, Irwin and Josh. They also had to make their fingerprint on their badge before they put it on.

I found the badge protectors at Wal-Mart. They were $1.88 for 12. I just used yard to tie them on but I think it would be cool to get lanyards as well.

badgeOnce all the agents were assembled we took them to the backyard for the training course. We used yarn, patio furniture, buckets and the “play bombs” I made. These were ones I found online at BlackBerry Vine but mine were smaller.

The kids loved this and it was seriously cheap!! We played Mission Impossible theme music and timed them and they all wanted to beat their best time.

As part of the course they had to toss “bombs” in a bucket.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and put it into practice by purchasing 6 Styrofoam balls at Michael’s, Spray painting them black and using a pipe cleaner for the fuse. The balls were a bit spendy, $6.00 for 6, but luckily I had a trusty 40% off coupon that you can download online or find in your local ad.

Once the course was done and they had down numerous Kool-Aid Coolers because it was hot they went inside and had pizza, veggies and make your own sundaes! They were very excited about the last part!

We also had them do a scavenger hunt. It was simple, I just write clues out and hid them in little black velvet bags. Quick and Easy.

Before our agents left they were presented with a “Sleuth Sack” and a Diploma from “Sleuth School.” Both are available for download at the end of the post. In the sack was a magnifying glass, a small notebook, a pencil, a mustache disguise and a Lollipop. The kids loved the magnifying glass and all the items were purchased at the dollar store. Not your typical “junky” goody bag but didn’t cost too much either!


sleuth certificate

All in all it was a great party! It cost under $100.00 for everything and we still had sundae makings left over for this tired mom! Below are some examples of items I made!

Food Signs
sleuth cake

Sleuth School Diploma
sleuth certificateSkip to My Lou!, Chef In Training