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It is summer. It is hot(like 112 degrees hot!) and I don’t feel like eating as much or turning on the oven in an already warm house. Therefore I made a plan to not buy as much. My now clean fridge looks a bit sad and empty but I realize it is easier to see what we have and use it up before it goes bad.

Here is this weeks super simple supper plan!

  • Chicken Pot Pie and Cheese Slices
  • Turkey Tacos and Veggies with Dip
  • Egg and Potato Pepper Scramble with Bagels
  • Steak Stir Fry over White Steamed Rice
  • Egg Salad Sandwiches, Chips and Fruit or Veggies w/ Dip

For snacks we have peaches, bananas, regular and chocolate graham crackers, etc.

I think the little and I will make homemade granola bars or a bar cookie bake sometime this week!

That is it for now..I have nearly 800 food pins on Pinterest, I guess I should mix it up a bit!