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We have already hit triple digits a few times so this menu is my first attempt of 2013 with no oven. Add in my husband is regrouting our kitchen counters and you have a recipe for ” Del Taco is Del-icious..” My goal is to not go out(except anniversary) because I am going to try DietBet and I want as many no spend days as possible to save for vacation!

Monday: Tacos. Quick and Easy and everyone in this house will eat them. Mexican Rice if I am not too tired after work. I tried this taco recipe. It is good!

Tuesday: Anniversary and Kinder Promotion Day! Steak Salad and Rolls.

Wednesday: Skillet lasagna. I have had this on the menu for three weeks. It has never became reality!

Thursday: Breakfast Scramble, Bagels with Cream Cheese.

Friday: Date Night for anniversary I hope. He has put up with me for almost a decade..he deserves a steak for that LOL.

Saturday: Extra Day of Work for me, so no idea.

Sunday: Crock Pot Something. So helpful. I know.

Breakfast is easy now that school is out. As for me I need to stop grabbing McDonald’s Egg McMuffins on the way to work. When you know your order total and they recognize you..you have to admit you have a problem..