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mint limeade

Maybe I am just slow but last month was the first time I ever tried Mint Limeade at Cafe Rio and it was heavenly! Especially with pellet ice, I love pellet ice! When I was pregnant with my daughter I bought a 10lb bag at Sonic and would sneak handfuls! Hey, I was nine months pregnant in August..in the desert..

The Limeade I used for this I found at Winco. I was really happy it had no high fructose corn syrup as honestly I try to stay away from that stuff and I am not a fan of very sugary drinks.

This recipe was really easy. I used fresh mint from my littler herb garden but I bet you could use a sprinkle of mint from a jar if you have none on hand or it is the middle of winter for example..



  • Enough limeade to fill a large mason jar 3/4 full
  • Mint(I used three stems, or about a 1/8 cup)
  • Ice(Bonus points for pellet ice!)
  • A fun straw and a mason jar or glass

Assemble, I put half the limeade, then some mint, then some limeade. Enjoy! I had to fight off my little one who wanted to take a sip and run with it!