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Oak No More! I have to admit after looking at what seemed like endless houses and going through the agonizing process of offers, etc I was so done by the time we looked at this house. The kitchen could have had a camp stove for all I cared!

This kitchen had a lot of things I loved, tile floor, an island, etc. I didn’t love the Oak cabinets but there was a lot of cabinets which made me happy.

After living here a year, I asked the husband if we could paint, stain, anything. After many trips to Lowe’s we decided to go ahead and do it. Picking a paint color was hard, some of the tans were too pink, and I didn’t want to go lighter. I know the trend now is to go lighter but with two small munchkins I just could not see a white kitchen ever well, looking white! So we went with a mocha color.

Here is the kitchen before(I am keeping it real!)

before kitchen 2317

Then began the process of unscrewing the cabinet hardware. Tip: Tape the screws and hardware to the panels as you unscrew them or it will get very very confusing.


Then Sand. You need to remove the finish including the top coat and most of the stain. The sanding is by far the longest part. After some sanding:

sanding 1

Keep Going:

sanding 2

Invest in an electric sander or buy one. You will thank me. It takes a very long time to go through all the layers. The older the cabinets the harder it is likely to be.

Next Step: Prime. We used a tinted primer so that later on we would not need so many coats of paint. This took a while and we had them drying in the garage in between coats.


It took us about a month to get everything primed and ready to be painted because we had to work on it mostly on weekends, etc.

Part II will be the big reveal! Stay Tuned!