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changing tableThis was kind of a “Honey..I signed us up for something..” project. My coworker who was expecting her first child bought a changing table off Craigslist and then was like..um..I don’t know what I was thinking and I need someone to do this! I offered..I, mean, We, had never done a changing table before. It was fun!

Come to think of it I do not think I owned a changing table with either of my kids..time just runs away when they are little…

I sadly did not take a before picture, so suffice to say this is a similar picture from Craigslist…(Angie has a list..Craig has a list..hmm..I need one..)


This piece took quite a while as we had to disassemble and reassemble it. I think I gave my coworker a small heart attack when I sent her a picture of it in pieces on my table..

Many hours later:

The knobs came from Target and there were four in a pack. She had pink ones as she was having a girl. I have also seen blue and clear color offerings in these particular knobs as well. Maybe clear if you do not know what you are having..nowadays I feel like everyone knows..it is hard to even find gender neutral clothes…

Anyways I hope the little princess enjoys it..and Mom too!

changing table