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So I have always been fascinated by hope chests. The first time I remember reading about them is when I read the “Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Did you know they recently proved Laura’s sister Mary actually did not go blind from scarlet fever like many believed? Really interesting stuff!

Hope Chests were apparently “in fashion” until the 1950’s and were often cedar chests that contained fancy dresses, table linens, quilts and sometimes dishware. I am not sure what I or my daughter will store in here but I think the idea is lovely. All to often we save things for special occasions. For example, I chose China for my wedding registry and received it. I think I have used it twice. I feel sort of bad about this…

This chest is NOT a cedar chest. It was a chest we rescued from my in-laws garage that my SIL left behind when she moved to the Midwest. It was storing coats and when it moved to my house it stored Legos, castle parts, blankets etc. It has even been my son’s “pirate chest” but now it is mine and ready for a makeover

This is what it looked like in the beginning. The holes were not even drilled straight..

chest beg

Items Needed for Makeover:

  • A chest(This one was from a ready to assemble kit)
  • Paint. I used a sample can of Valspar’s Churchill Hotel White. A sample can is $3.00!
  • Dropcloth (To protect your table or floor while you paint
  • Tools like a screwdriver to remove and replace hardware

I painted this and let it dry between coats. I was a little impatient but it did need multiple coats. I am sure if I will line the chest. What do you think? I am not sure what to use to secure the fabric so it does not move around. Modgepodge seems to sticky…

A fun project and using up some of the craft stash that seems to be multiplying not shrinking..



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