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I am trying to learn to upcycle. I have been really working through wants vs. needs lately. To be honest while I love Pinterest I know it feeds my desire for things and I am striving not to covet others’ lives, careers, home life, etc. Sometimes it is a challenge and I need to realize I have it GOOD and reflection is the key and making do with what you have!

I really like all the rustic tins and bins I see on organizing sites but truth be told we are young parents and I know the money will need to go elsewhere. Like braces. Or glasses. Not somewhere fun like Disneyland. (I think I want to go more than my kids!)

Enter the popcorn tins from Christmas! I know some people dread getting these as gifts. Honestly, my family loves them. Three different flavors and plenty to go around when we are watching the Lorax for the 15,000th time!

Now that all the popcorn has been gobbled up, it was either throw them out or do something with them. No clutter, I chose the latter.

This is how they looked before:

popcorn before

I had my husband spray paint them white for me (are you catching a theme, poor guy does all the dirty work!) and I ordered vinyl decals for them.

Snacks and Legos. That is how we roll.  Snacks come in unwieldy boxes for tiny packages so I figure why not get rid of them and put the snacks in one place!

Legos. Well if you have stepped on a Lego anytime, but particular barefoot in the middle of the night, you know how important these tins will be to my sanity!

Items Necessary to Complete this Project:

  • Old Popcorn Tins (I had them but you could probably get some cheap after the major holidays!)
  • Spray Paint
  • Vinyl Decals or cut Vinyl with a Cricut or crafty machine!


  • Wash and Dry the Tins
  • Spray paint and let dry (outside so the fumes do not overwhelm you)
  • Apply vinyl decals once the paint is smooth and dry
  • Load them up with snacks and toys
  • Enjoy your clean cupboard and floor



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