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I love IKEA! In fact every time I travel for work or with my family I look to see if there is one near where I am traveling.

When I visited Portland last year I whiled away the few hours before boarding in their cafeteria, eating their delicious chocolate cake, playing on my laptop. That to a mother of two children under six is LUXURY people!

I happened across the AS-IS section of IKEA and found a lovely cabinet front. I was so happy as I lugged the $2.00 board to my cart. Probably too happy as I got weird looks from other customers. Crafters can attest to you though, Ikea’s AS-IS section is DIY Gold!

That $2.00 board with a little DIY love is now our family message center. If I was bright I would have taken a before picture but alas my happiness got in the way of my organization. Sorry.

We painted the cabinet front white to make it brighter. We then cut a piece of sheet metal to fit in the opening so that it would be magnetic.

I like color so we made the sheet metal a happy yellow color. We then made a design using blue painters tape and painted the rest white!

We then drilled three holes and installed nobs to hang coats on. I love the knobs at Anthropologie but I have founded if you really look that Hobby Lobby has similar ones for a fraction of the price.

Now it is hung in the hall using picture hangers and it holds coats, school forms, and a calendar from Hello Cuteness where I write our monthly menu plans!


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