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Soap Stand

I saw this on a blog some time ago and to be honest I just looked at the picture. I found this green plate at Dollar Tree a while back and actually picked it up for a Vinyl project that I never got around to. My kitchen has green accents. We redid the cabinets last year. (Not a dollar store project but since we painted them ourseleves it was frugal.)I had also purchased two candlesticks for a dollar each at a different dollar tree for something or other.

For this project you need:

  • 1 plate in your choice of color or design.
  • 1 candlestick. Mine was glass but metal would work too
  • Gorilla Glue(It cost more than $1.00, but you will have tons left over and a little goes a long way!)

Total: About $6.00, but that is because Gorilla Glue will run you around $4.00! So really like $2.25:)