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So, since we moved into our house I have detested the laundry room. Sure, my washer and dryer are not state of the art, or even new for that matter but they work. That was not the problem, the problem was I had one shelf for storage of all the soap, household cleaners and the Sock Orphanage that seems to be having a population boom every day!

We didn’t have a lot of money but finally I told my hubby I couldn’t take it anymore. The laundry room was the main entrance and exit to the house and it was cluttered and hard to maneuver through. (Front doors are overrated and only for guests apparently..lol)

This is some scary before pictures, yes I am keeping it real, though I would like to keep perpetuating the the fantasy that I am Superwoman and Martha and Mommy Dearest and..Yeah you get the point..

So, we bought some paint, bead board, some trim, found a laundry sign at Hobby Lobby with a 40&% off coupon and scored some knobs on clearance. Our total was about $120.00.

Hubby then framed in the shelves and made doors himself, so they are not really complete cabinets but they hide the clutter!

The Hobby Lobby Laundry sign was originally black but a few coats of white paint fixed that.

All in all a job well done! I still have tons of the green wall paint left so it will surely be popping up in future projects, but what to do about all these Sock Orphans, not sure but I am sure they have a crafty future!

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