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So I know some people absolutely detest Valentine’s Day and feel it is a fake, hallmark type holiday.

As an angst filled teenager who used to sing the Mariah Carey song “All I Want for Christmas is You!” in my head to all the boys who had no idea I even existed, I get the annoyance. Really, I do. Especially when that Christmas is made even better by the fact that your Uncle gives you a tooth whitening kit as a present. Yes, Really. Way to boost that self esteem!

But still, I think most of us can agree that telling people we love them, care about them, appreciate them is never done enough. So I made a cute printable that you can attach to a box of tasty Junior Mints.

At first I thought maybe I could say you could attach these to a roll of mints, but then I thought maybe that would give someone the wrong idea. Either that you want to kiss them or their breath reeks. not sure which is worse depending on who you are giving them too!

I plan on giving one of these(the nice one!) to the sweet lady at my local McDonalds who I see almost every morning as I swing through for my large $1 drink, no sugar. She is so sweet and asks me about my little girl, yes, I go there so much she knew my daughter when she was still in the womb and now she is almost 6 months. I think I need to rethink my habits, now that I put that out in the universe! Ha!

Anyways, enjoy and I hope that you have a wonderful valentine’s day whether you get a dozen roses delivered at work and make your coworkers jealous or you are at home on the couch in sweat pants eating my delicious Chocolate Cookie Dip!

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