So I love, love, LOVE Anthropologie, but their prices are nowhere near what my budget can handle. A girl can dream! Their store always smells wonderful and has such artfully arranged displays and piles of beautifully colored dishes and latte bowls.

Frankly, I want to live there. There or inside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland because I think they are just fabulous. (Though when I was four, I was convinced I would be stuck in the spooky, ghost stretching Haunted Mansion elevator, never to return again..don’t tell anyone..)

Anyways last time I ventured into Anthropolgie, alone, which meant, shocker I could actually look around without tugging on my 4-year-old sons hands telling him if he touches, well just DON’T TOUCH…I found their lazy Susan of knobs! Fabulous knobs in all shapes, colors and finishes..and I wanted to by like 15 of them to redo my IKEA dresser and make it look not so, well Ikea-y. And then I saw the knobs were like $8.00 each and yeah…that is not happening…

So I continued to browse and came across a bowl of knobs on clearance! I could get three knobs for $6.00…so I bought them even though I really had no clue what I was going to do with them..(You know you do this too..in fact I know a few people who have more ribbon than anyone, even a dedicated crafter, could possibly use in a lifetime)

So I brought them home and they sat..and sat..until it hit me! I could make a necklace holder..and then I would not have to sit with a toothpick and try to untangle my necklace chains..( a toothpick that I swear I was going to need to prop open my eyes in like .5 seconds because that task is SO frustrating..just when you think you have it…you DON’T!)

Here are some basic instructions:

Step One: Determine the Size, we used a 3.5 x 20 board

Step Two: Determine How Many Knobs, we used three at five inches apart

Step Three: Drill Holes for knobs

Step Four: Flip Board over and Drill Holes for the Nuts

Step Five: Cut posts of Knobs if needed, so they holder can be mounted flat against the wall.

Step Six: Prime, Paint and Clearcoat Board. Distress edges if desired. Screw in Knobs!

Step Seven: Attach Mounting Hardware. Hang and Enjoy. No More Toothpicks!

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