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I was SOOOO doubtful this was going to work as I had always used the strong, smelly spray stuff that makes you want to open every door in your house! But now, I think I have a secret love affair with my Baking Soda box! In fact, I want a warehouse club size box.

You know that Swiffer commercial where the lady is in love with her Swiffer and the mop is jealous? I am that lady, except it is all about the baking soda baby!

I found the *Magic Potion* on Pinterest and it goes back to Martha Stewart. (Who probably hacked it off a blog! (Ooops….did I say that out loud?) Have you ever been on Pinterest? If so, you can follow me, just look for Vintage Marigold. If not, you are in for a great treat! every person I have introduced it to loves it and then yells at me for introducing them to the biggest time suck on the planet!

Anyways on to the *Magic Potion* (….scurries off for wand…)

*Magic Potion*

Enough water to make a paste
1 cup Baking Soda
A few drops of Essential Oil, ones that have antibacterial properties are best. Not sure what essentials oils to use? This chart is great to see what essential oils can be used for.
1 tsp. Liquid Soap

Mix it up, in a measuring cup. A plastic one, not a glass one, didn’t your mother ever teach you about glass near showers/tubs? Yeah. Guess what kind I used…

Put it on a scrubby brush and go to town, (or your sister’s loofah depending on your mood).. letting it sit for a minute or two before you rinse it off. When I used this on the metal areas I also wiped it with a towel as sometimes baking soda can leave some white streaks behind..

Then enjoy all your hard work by jumping in a nice, hot bubble bath with a magazine!

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