I can thank Pinterest for my lovely new wardrobe addition. It is so cheap too, depending on the shirt you use. For the one in my picture I used one of hubby’s old gray shirts. I could be real and sow a full body photo, and believe me I took a few, but working full time and being up nights with a 4.5 month old and chasing a 4 year old, well the bags under my eyes aren’t pretty, heck they kind of match the color of this scarf now that I think of it..heh..

For the one in this tutorial, I bought the shirt with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby so it cost me about $2.00 and .59 cents for the felt I used to cover the knot. I love the fabric, it has a fake filigreeing, leather like pattern.. The larger your shirt, the larger and chunkier your scarf will be. I bought an XL.

These are the supplies:

This is where I got my instructions 

Super easy and super cute. I am thinking about dressing up some of my scarves with the felt flowers I have been making! Look for that on the blog soon!

This is the scarf laid out long:

This is the scarf doubled up, like I prefer to wear it.

Happy cutting! You can have a cute, inexpensive gift on the cheap in under an hour!

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