A couple of years ago I was having a really rough time, having had a miscarriage at about 11 weeks.I felt like I had a little gray rain cloud following me for a few months after.(You know the cartoons where the character runs, but never fast enough!) When I was offered a chance to go to a conference for work in Salt Lake City I jumped at the opportunity!

One afternoon we had free time so I found myself walking to temple square, it was November and while it was cold there was no snow, just a frigid breeze among a sunny sky.

I sat on the edge of the pond by the SLC temple and just kind of got lost in my thoughts. I think sometimes I expect the skies to rain down or some other grand event to be an answer to my ponderings..

Instead I kept thinking Even when it rains, there is still Sunshine. It took me a while but I realize it was an answer, that even among bad times there can be good things, events, people, etc.

I decided to make myself a reminder and thought it would be nice to share.


Get the 8 x 10 printable here

Get the 5 x 7 printable here

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