Hubby had lots of scrap wood and I have seen the Gallery Shelves all around Blog land. I have been trying to be super good about not buying new things for crafting as I really do have plenty around the house and who am I kidding, many bins stashed in the garage!

Step 1: Find Wood:

Step 2: Cut Wood. I got the design plans from  Ana White, who has amazing projects.

So, these shelves didn’t cost me anything as the wood was purchased for other things like my son’s loft bed. I will post that as soon as I can get his room clean long enough for a picture!

Step 3: Install Brackets if using particle board to connect the pieces of your shelf. But if you are using MDF or real wood, then a bracket is not necessary.

Step 4: Prime your shelves. We used Zinsser primer in white.

Step 5: Paint: The shelves are painted Valspar’s Bird’s Egg Blue, which is the same color I used for my desk in this post.

Step 6: Decorate and Rearrange and Rearrange again!

The frames are from my favorite store Ikea. We do not have one in Vegas so I drag my family every time I visit California or Utah.

The Printables are from One Pretty Thing and eventually I plan to print this to add to the shelves from the lovely Eighteen 25 ladies!