The 100$ table project..
I had a nice glass Asian inspired table that I had purchased right after I got married. Being a young newlywed I didn’t think ahead to realize that well kids and glass tables don’t exactly mesh.

I saw some ideas on DIY blogs on refinishing tables people found on Craigslist, so I thought what the heck. I was able to purchase a table on Craigslist for 35$ and luckily my dad has a truck and was willing to drive across town so I got it the same day.

I then realized I needed chairs I could paint and was luckily enough to find another person on Craiglist who had not only 5 chairs but a smaller table. I really just wanted the chairs but she insisted I take the whole I still have a spare table in the garage which I am sure my hubby is overjoyed about lol…
We found 2 big chairs at the DI for $8.00 a piece. Love the DI but ours is really hit and miss…

First we sanded and primed the table. It is now a nice off white color instead of maple.This took so much primer so be forewarned.

We primed the chairs, with a ton of KILZ primer in the spray gun. Covering the black was important since I was going for yellow as my final color. The spray gun is SO much easier than the rollers and after a while I got used to it. The windy days here did delay me a few days and I was impatient and wanted to get done but didn’t exactly want my overspray to detail my neighbors car so I was kind and waited..

We pained two chairs a Valspar brand Yellow and two chairs a Valspar Green. I had enough left over to spray some frames for my wall but that is another project.
After that we glazed the table a bit but I didn’t want a lot of glaze on my table because I am a glaze novice and was afraid it would look dirty, not exactly the look I was going for. We then sprayed the chairs and table with a lot of shellac so it would be easy to wipe clean and not easy to stain…

After airing out a few days in the backyard we brought it in, just in time as I had sold our table to a newlywed couple on Craigslist..aww the circle of life!

Total Cost:
1st Oak Table: $30.00
2 Chairs from the DI:$16.00
2nd Table and Chairs from Craigslist: $30.00
Paint: Around $25.00 as we had primer left from the Salvaged Desk.…
Time on the Weekends with a Paint Gun: Lots!
Table My Kids Can Mess with and a Place for Family Dinners: Priceless
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