Our neighborhood does a large garage sale once a year and while out walking with my husband and my son in his little red wagon I came along this beauty:

Truth be told my husband was mortified by the sight of it. It wasn’t near the garage sale items, it was over by the trash. I gathered my courage and knocked on the door. A teenage boy answered and when I asked if I could have it he was surprised but said sure. I stayed to guard my find while hubby went and got the car.

Then the fun began, sanding, and scraping and sanding some more. Under the horrid red paint, was a layer of black, and then pink with flowers and lots of stickers and random saying etched in the top. Not exactly what I envisioned gracing my living room.
After a trip to Lowe’s, we had primer, paint and spray paint for the hardware. We primed withKILZ White primer(this stuff is awesome!!). We used “Bird’s Egg Blue” from Valspar(Lowe‘s Brand). It only took a quart as we used a paint sprayer for easy coverage.

To finish it off, we used Valspar Bronze spray paint for the hardware.

It looks awesome as a buffet in my dining room!